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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

By Benjamin Stafford

If you’re eager to get the know-how of acquiring lots of muscle mass fast , you must take in into consideration the fact that it’s not an overnight process.
A great deal of probable bodybuilders do not realize it is more than just lifting weights that accounts for potential muscle growth. If they know the full process of how muscle is really gained , they will see that while they don’t see instantaneous results, their daily activity is conducive to their victory.

When gaining muscle mass, a number of elements are crucial, such as:

When the aim is to acquire muscle mass immediately , a beneficial diet becomes essential as it will speed up the increment process of your muscles.
Some foods are a significant part of your diet but plenty of kinds of foods ought to be consumed in minimal quantity or utterly shunned .

Beneficial foods that have ample protein, must be present in the diet of anyone who wants to put on muscle mass quickly are red meat, chicken breast, egg whites, and nuts.
Protein aids the body in the repair of muscles; it can also be eaten as a supplement.
There are many other kinds of supplements too that provide paramount assistance to the function of the muscle growth.

To ensure a gain of muscle mass fast, a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables also matters a lot; water is of course essential too to hydrate the body.
Foods that are intensely full of fat, sugar and salt must be averted at all costs .
All the completely processed foods would be normally included in this category.
If you snack on these foods, you will only end up disrupting your muscle making deeds .

Carbohydrates are of much significance to add on muscle mass fast and should be present in the diet too but care should be taken to not to consume them in substantial amounts; properly proportioned in all the meals of the day would be enough.
It’s a good idea to chow down seventy grams of a instant absorbing carbohydrate (Gatorade) after your workout to satiate your body system with carbohydrates in turn reloading the lost glycogen (muscle fuel).
You should endeavor at refraining from all carbs two to three hours ahead of your sleep time .

You evidently must work the muscle to stimulate it in its growth .
Commonly when increasing your bulk , the perfect route is going the heavier weights and smaller number of reps way .
Countless blossoming muscle-builders keep faith in the fact that their rate of working out is directly proportional to the growth rate of their muscles.
This fact is quite far from trueness.
So that your muscles can grow and then repair properly , they should be given ample amount of time by sufficient rest.
And that is why numerous acknowledged muscle-builders will certify about a week’s gap for an exercise of a particular muscle to recondition and grow.
Training your muscles excessively will only lead to injuries, so avert that [at any cost at any expense].

Commitment to one’s aim in body-building is no doubt the most imperative aspect but is also a concept that people least think about.
As intimated in the former part of the write up, if you’re anxious to get the know-how of acquiring lots of muscle weight immediately, you must take in into account the fact that it’s not an overnight procedure.
Consequently an exhaustive and continuous commitment will have to be made to obtain quintessential results.
It’s also a fantastic idea to work out precisely what you want to bring off , & then just write it down.
As you advance towards your finish-line, this will make you focalize just on it.
By now you must have learned that the straight off muscle building process is not just about rigorous workouts; it implicates a thorough commitment to one’s aim and a mix of workouts along with a salubrious diet to set off the muscle building process.
With a progressing commitment, you will get to see the results in a couple of weeks.
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Drop a Pound a Week

Article by Lucy Danziger, Self - editor and chief

You weren't born yesterday, so you know that the only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than you burn. But if it were that simple, chances are, you wouldn't have clicked on this article.
Trying to eat healthy is hard enough in today's world--food options abound, yet there's little time to spend preparing smart meals--and slimming down can be even more challenging. Luckily, there are some smart strategies to make your weight loss efforts a little easier. Put two or more of them into practice today and you can save 500 calories instantly. Follow them all regularly and you'll shed inches in no time.

Buying gigantic boxes of toilet paper might be a smart way to save cash, but pass on the 5-gallon tub of ice cream, even if it is only $3.17. Stockpiling massive containers of junk food--or any food, for that matter--is like giving yourself a green light to overmunch, according to research from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Not only do mondo containers create pressure to plow through before the food goes stale, but they also make you lose all concept of how much you're consuming. Oversize boxes, bags, dishes, glasses and serving pieces all throw off portion perception.
If you want to save cash, shop for jumbo versions of healthful foods such as soups, whole-grain cereals and frozen vegetables. If you overdo it on these (which isn't likely), the calorie damage will be minimal. When you do buy higher-calorie foods, portion out reasonable amounts into individual sandwich bags, or purchase less healthy products in single-serving packages.

Stepping away from your favorite indulgence could help you eat less of it. A study in the journal Appetite revealed that office workers who kept chocolate kisses on their desks ate twice as many as those who stored the candy just 6 feet away. Your strategy? Keep "emergency" bags of chips and your stash of dark chocolate miniatures in the least convenient place possible, such as a high shelf or the basement freezer. Think of it this way: out of sight, out of mind, out of mouth. Then position good-for-you stuff, such as fresh fruit or veggies, in plain sight, so you'll be more likely to reach for them when hunger strikes.

"I'll start my diet tomorrow!" has got to be among the list of most commonly used phrases (it ranks somewhere between "I'm tired" and "I'll call you back"). Whether it's birthday cake at the office or a pizza night with pals, there will always be some excuse to put off healthy eating another day (and eat more today, thinking it's your last chance!). Instead, forget the word "diet." The goal should be to make doable, lasting lifestyle changes, not be a perfect plan-following robot.
Start by tweaking unfavorable eating habits one tiny step at a time: Increase your fruit and veggie intake by adding one serving a day, swap white bread for whole-wheat or begin eating cereal from a small bowl, not the box. Gradually, you can take on bigger challenges. And make sure you eat a little of what you crave: Completely cutting out creamy cheeses, for example, could lead to you diving head-first into a wedge of Brie.

A calorie is a calorie, whether it comes from a carrot or a cupcake. Unfortunately, we're often led to believe the healthier a food is, the more of it we can eat. People given a lower-calorie version of a high-calorie ice cream ate 30 percent more of it than those given the higher-calorie treat, a study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign finds. Ultimately, both groups consumed approximately the same amount of calories, so the low-calorie eaters didn't benefit from their dessert being low-cal.
The upshot: Regardless of what you nosh, always keep portion size in mind. The only truly all-you-can-eat food: the greens and other healthy veggies you could grow in your own backyard.

Overestimating how much you exercise can jeopardize your slim-down success. Sure, walking torches calories, but a 135-pound woman would have to tread the length of a football field just to burn off the calories in two M&M's. And even when you're sweating, you may not be meeting the level of exertion you need to shed pounds. Make every minute of your workout count by deciding exactly what activity you want to do and for how long. When your schedule is tight, opt for a short (30-minute) intense cardio workout. Find loads of options at

At roughly 225 calories a pop, a 20-ounce bottle packs nearly the same calories as a chocolate bar but is far less satisfying. Diet soda is no body bargain, either. For every can you sip daily, your risk of becoming overweight rises by 37 percent, researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio found. Another study from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, hints at why: Regular use of artificial sweeteners is linked to increased calorie intake, body fat and weight gain in rats.
Savoring sweetness sans calories may change your body's ability to regulate calorie consumption, so pass up the diet soda and you could find it easier to avoid overeating. I have my own theory: I used to eat the calories I'd save by having a no-cal soda, probably three times over! So instead of saving those calories, I was spending them on other things, usually sweets.
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